A civilization puts a certain percentage of their work force into a certain aspect of their occupations. There are 10 of these.
Occupation Health effects Pupose
Abstraction (-) extracting ore and oil and such.
Agriculture (- × 0.5) farming, fabricating food etc.
Building (-) constructing things (note the difference between building and maintenance)
Commerse (/) income of money. Jobs that earn the government money.
Entertainment (/) comedians, dancers, singers etc.
Government (/) involved in occupations to do with administration and upkeep in order.
Military (-) the armed forces.
Population (+) upkeeping health.
Research (/) science, discovery.
Schooling (/) teaching things to the population.


An effector can be a building or a tool or anything that helps effect how someone works. For instance, a scalpel works much better than a kitchen knife to perform surgery on someone.

Work effectorEdit

A work effector is how much you work someone. Working someone more makes them efficienter (?), but it makes them less healthy. A civilization should only work it's population in an emerciency, such as a war. In order to neutralize the effects of permanent working, you must raise the Population factor or make an effector neutralize it. Alternatively, a temporairy working can be neutralized by sacrifising a Work for Population.


Abstraction is the act of abstracting something or taking something from something else. In this case, it means resources. Whether it be wood, oil, or ore (lol?). Percentage of work put into Abstraction effects health and resources. More resources means more income (whether it be in supplies or commerse) and more fitness. However, you would have to lower the percentage of work in another thing.

Abstraction amount = Population × Percentage of work × Health of population × Density of resource × work effector × effectors 
If a province had a population of 10,000, worked 10% of them onto abstraction, has normal health, a slightly 
dense resource patch, and no effectors:
10,000 × 0.1 × 1.0 × 1.15 × 1.0 = 1,150 abstraction rate.


Agriculture is farming or making food in some way. Making food is necassery to feed population. Food effects the health of the population.

Food Production amount = Population × Percentage of work × Health of population × Fertileness × work effector × effectors


Growing populations need places to stay and live. All civilizations expand and must do so to become dominant and outshine another. WIthin the building society, there are workers. A worker produces production which is effected by certain thins, but it's basic production is 5. Which means that you would have to put 20% of the civilians into a Building job in order to control population growth. Tools (effectors) can improve worker's production.

Production = Health of population × (Amount in work × 5(Workers effector × effector))


Commerce is the income of money. More Commercial jobs, therefore, increase a civilization's income. Within the Commercial occupation, there are workers. A Worker's basic production of coinage is, like a builder's, 5. Certain things can effect this, but they do not have as much of an impact on production. Other sources of commerse must be aquired.

               Health of worker - 1
Coinage =  5 ( ————————————————————  + 1 ) × Work effector × effectors
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